NHibernate at the Lake County .NET User Group (Jan 29)


January Meeting: NHibernate

January 29, 2009 6:30-9:00 PM PM


We’ll be introducing NHibernate from the ground up.
The problem of O/R Impedance Mismatching.
The benefits of utilizing a transparent object persistance framework such as NHibernate.
How to get started with NHibernate with an example class library and the mapping files required for NHibernate.
Some best practices regarding persisting and retrieving objects along with code examples.

BIO: Robert Dusek

I began programming in various incarnations of BASIC at a young age, but began my career in IT Operations as a network administrator. About 4 years ago, I stumbled onto .NET in order to solve various development tasks that my employer needed, eventually choosing to transition into C# Software Development full-time. I currently work with Hudson at GFX International building client-facing applications using MVC.Net and NHibernate. Recently Hudson and I along with Ricardo Borges have taken over as maintainers for Ayende’s NHibernate Query Analyzer.

BIO: Hudson Akridge
My early career was as a Database Developer, turning my attention towards .NET the last 3 years. I currently work at GFX Int. as a Corporate Dev writing both internal and external production applications relating to Manufacturing and Client management processes utilizing Alt.NET technologies such as MVC.NET and NHibernate.

Street: 19351 West Washington Street
City: Grayslake
Country: USA
State: Illinois



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