Hosting Silverlight on Google App Engine

Recently, I needed a place to store a compiled Silverlight assembly in a highly available environment. Ideally, the location needed to be free or on some web site that I owned. Since I’ve been getting comfortable with App Engine lately, I figured I would try setting up app-engine to host my file. The one thing that you need to do when return a Silverlight XAP file is make sure that it comes back with the MIME type set to application/x-silverlight-app. It turns out that this is pretty simple. I just added this to my app.yaml file:



- url: /SilverlightApp.xap

  static_files: SilverlightApp.xap

  upload: SilverlightApp.xap

  mime_type: application/x-silverlight-app


With this, I have App Engine reliably serving up my page with Silverlight embedded.

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