Filtering in a sequence

It turns out that when many mechanisms exist to do a task, many things will work. Here is another way to handle the Seq.fold task from yesterday in a much cleaner way. It’s still neat to see all these workable options! Seq has another method, filter, which only returns those elements that return true for the supplied function.



open System.Collections.Generic


type MyType(propA:string, propB:int) =

    member this.PropA = propA

    member this.PropB = propB

    override this.ToString() = System.String.Format("{0} {1}", this.PropA, this.PropB)


let typeSeq =

    [|  new MyType("red", 4);

         new MyType("red", 3);

         new MyType("blue", 3);

         new MyType("blue", 4);

         new MyType("blue", 5);



let filterVals theSeq propAValue =

     theSeq |> Seq.filter(fun (a:MyType) -> a.PropA = propAValue)


printfn("%A") (filterVals typeSeq "red")

printfn("%A") (filterVals typeSeq "blue")

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