Finally going to learn PowerShell

This has been on my TODO list for over a year now. I’m going to learn PowerShell. To do so, I have to forget the that the command line exists and start learning how to do all my old tricks in the new environment. What has prevented me thus far is pure and simple inertia. When I need to kill a process (say Firefox), it was so easy to pull up the old DOS prompt and type:

tasklist | findstr /C:"firefox"

After finding the process ID, I would then enter

taskkill -f -pid [process ID from above]

I use taskkill because it can be more effective than the process explorer. Today, I did something that caused firefox to hang. Remembering that I need to overcome my intertia, I found the commands and popped open PowerShell. The preceding action wound up being much easier to type in:

get-process firefox | kill

Maybe I’ll overcome my inertia after all. I’ve been using the DOS command language since 1983 and I just know it too well. (I’ll admit to a fair understanding of csh and bash too, as well as some old VAX-VMS that could probably come back to light if given a day, a VAX, and a reason to remember:)).

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