SimpleDB Delete

This post uses Amazon’s SimpleDB C# library. Deleting a record is really simple. Again, this is to delete an ASP.NET MembershipUser from SimpleDB. To do this, you simply pass the ItemName to a DeleteAttributesRequest(). Because that name is unique within the domain, the values will go away.

override this.DeleteUser(username, deleteAllRelatedData) =


    let simpleDb = PhotoWebInit.SimpleDBClient

    let delAttr = new Model.DeleteAttributesRequest()

    delAttr.DomainName <- PhotoWebInit.domainName

    delAttr.ItemName <- username

    let delResponse = simpleDb.DeleteAttributes(delAttr)


Pretty easy, right?

Next week, we’ll finish this up with a post on Simple Storage Service and a zipped copy of the source code (in case you want to see everything in one place).

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