Quiet this week

I’m at IIW this week and have had my days jam packed with info, meeting folks, and getting stuff done. As a result, I haven’t posted much this week. As you may know, VS 2010 Beta 1 dropped this week. I’ve been busy chasing down sources to find out if Azure works with .NET 4.0. I would hope it does, but no word. I’m downloading the beta now and will try putting up a .NET 4.0 app later tomorrow. I’ll post if I find success.

Wish me luck!


I got a response back from one of my sources, before VS2010 finished downloading. Here’s what I have:

“Yes – [Azure will allow .NET 4.0] but you have to include ALL the .NET 4.0 assemblies (i.e. it’s a real pain), as Windows Azure only has .NET 3.5SP1 deployed today.  Once .NET 4.0 is officially released, Windows Azure will be updated.”

So, I won’t be running this experiment and will continue on the happy path where I use .NET 2008 SP1 and smile about it:)

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