Too cool! Hunter Hudson is the director of cloud management on Azure

For me, Hunter is the first deep contact I ever got into Microsoft. Way back when (1998!) I wrote a book called Windows Shell Programming. At that time, I was spending a lot of time in the Windows Shell newsgroups looking for answers as well as answering questions. At the time, Hunter was a Software Development Engineer in Test for the Windows Shell team. He quickly figured out that I was writing a book on his team’s product and did everything he could to help me understand how various features worked. Hunter is a big part of the reason that the book, my first, came out as well as it did. He actually made sure that I got decent answers from people on the shell team (Raymond Chen reviewed and answered a lot of my questions via Hunter). I didn’t realize that he is now a VIP in Azure land.

He’s a great person. I’m glad to see that he’s a big part of Azure. Way to go, Hunter!!!

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