Oslo in Chicago? Yes.

I recently had an email conversation with a former colleague. He works at an organization that uses some pretty cutting edge technology. My feeling is that the organization firmly understands the value of moving to the latest and greatest is fraught with peril but rewards the early pioneers if these moves happen appropriately. In particular, they are already evaluating Oslo. I’m a big fan of proactive thinking. I have long heard rumors that the Chicago market is too backward or old fashioned, and I just don’t see that. Instead, I hear that a Chicago business is actively hiring and is using the latest and greatest technology to make their business more competitive.

We also have a very active Ruby and Python community which, from what I can tell, is growing every month. I think that the city has already turned itself into a tech hub. We just need that first billion dollar company and the world will know too. I know this will take 7-10 years for the seeds to start bearing fruit, but the process is in motion.

I love this!

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