Speaking at Chicago Alt.Net Meeting

This month, I’ll be speaking at the Chicago Alt.Net user group meeting. Please check out the details here and register here. And, here is the blurb on the talk:

November 2009 Meeting

Building OpenSocial Applications

6:00 pm
Pizza and networking time

6:30 pm

From its official web site:

Friends are fun, but they’re only on some websites. OpenSocial helps these sites share their social data with the web. Applications that use the OpenSocial APIs can be embedded within a social network itself, or access a site’s social data from anywhere on the web.

OpenSocial is the platform that MySpace, Orkut, Ning, LinkedIn, Hi5, and pretty much every social network but Facebook supports for creating games and other applications that run on these social network sites.

In this talk, we focus on the MySpace platform and how one builds a MySpace application. This involves interacting with the OpenSocial JavaScript as well as receiving and sending OpenSocial requests on your own servers.

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