Notes from Software Engineering Talk

I gave a talk at Milwaukee Area Technical College where my friend, Chuck Andersen, teaches a software engineering class. I promised the students to put up some interview study resources. This is the set of things I do to prepare for more in depth interviews so that I clear the algorithm questions when folks do a technical screen. I really hate the idea of being passed over because I haven’t thought about some undergrad algorithms in a few years, so I get these things back into the more recent memory parts of my brain.

My study resources are:

Programming Pearls by Jon Bentley: 256 pages of good review material

The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena: Amazon has the wrong page count on this one: 486 pages of great review material. Get the Kindle version-this appears to be out of print and valuable otherwise. I know I didn’t pay $200+ for this book.

Project Euler: Go through 1-2 of these per week, just to stay in shape.

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