Speaking at Chicago Architects Group May 18

I’ll be speaking at the Chicago Architects Group on May 18 over at the ITA (next to Union Station in Chicago- corner of Adams and Wacker). My topic is Azure for Architects. In this talk, I go over how to look at and use Azure from a software architecture point of view. Unlike most Azure talks, this one has no code in it-just concepts. This isn’t the type of talk I normally give, but given the crowd, architecture and slides will work better than whiz bang demos.

The slides are here if you want them. I tend to use slides as guideposts when I present. Please don’t look at these slides as notes. 80% of the presentation is in what I say, not in what you can read. I’ll try to record the presentation as well and will put up the recording if the quality is good enough. There are still some seats open. Register at http://chicagoarchitectsgroup.eventbrite.com.

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