I'm a Microsoft Regional Director!

If you are LinkedIn with me, you’ll see that I listed a new position: Microsoft Regional Director – Chicago. This is NOT a paid position with Microsoft. I noticed that other RDs I have as connections do list the RD role as current with Microsoft as the current employer. LinkedIn doesn’t have a mechanism to show that I’m connected to Microsoft as a ‘unpaid opinionated person.’

I’m pretty excited about this opportunity. In 1995 (the year I graduated college), I looked out at the technology landscape and noticed that software developers can do well if they pick a technology stack and learn it as deeply as possible. At that time, it looked like I should either learn Sun Unix, some embedded toolkit, or Microsoft Windows. Microsoft had more desktops and I wasn’t an electrical engineer, so that’s the direction I picked. Since then, I’ve written books on the technology, lots of articles, and even did a six year stint at Microsoft. I’m happy I chose this path. I’m also want to see the Microsoft community continue to thrive and do well. A large, happy, well-informed Microsoft community benefits everyone in it. Thanks to my being a really busy person in the Chicago area, the local Microsoft office nominated me for the Regional Director position and I accepted.

This means I’ve taken on more unpaid work- kind of par for the course for me. If you are in the Chicago/Milwaukee/Madison area and want a Regional Director type person to come in and talk to your company, run/architect/develop a project, or just speak at a user group, send me a message: scott.seely@friseton.com.

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