Grand Rapids Day of .NET is Looking for You!

Planning is in full swing for the Fall 2010 Day of .NET (DODN) conference in Grand Rapids on Saturday October 23rd, 2010 at Calvin College.

The theme for this year is "Open to the Future". The theme combines two important trends in developing with .NET – "open" and the "future". On the "open" side there has been a lot of activity in opening up the platform, creating open source projects and libraries, enabling projects to work well in a mixed-IT environment, and opening up data to diverse applications. On the "future" side we see .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010 which brings many new capabilities to the platform.

What this means for potential speakers is that there is a huge range of topics for you to consider. While this event is a "Day of .NET", speakers are encouraged to submit talks that span the spectrum of technologies being used in active development today.

This event is a great opportunity for new speakers and local speakers to get a chance to participate in the larger development community – come share what you have been learning and network with other speakers and participants.

In addition to having a set of planned ~1 hour talks, there is room available for open sessions. These can be from a 5-minute "lightening talk" to something longer that is of interest to an ad-hoc presenter and group. So if you have an idea for a session to be put on the schedule and promoted, please send it along ASAP. But if you also have something smaller, or that develops between now and then, please bring it along to the event and the organizers have a forum to share it.

Speaker submissions will be accepted between August 25 and September 18 and will have the sessions and schedule completed by the end of September for the event on October 23.

In a brief e-mail to please provide your:

– Name

– Email

– Phone Number

– Twitter

– URL (Blog/Personal/Company)

– Brief Bio

– Session Abstract

– Session Level (e.g. 100,200,Advanced)

– Notes/Info (new presentation, done before?)

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