Talk and demos from CNUG, AppFabric Talk

Last night I had a chance to speak about Windows Azure AppFabric at the Chicago .NET Users’ Group. Thanks to everyone who came out! I had a great time. A few of you really wanted the slides ASAP. I’ve cleaned out my keys and namespaces from the demos, so they don’t run at the moment (but they will build!). You can get them here:

You’ll need to install a few things and create a few accounts if you want to run any of the demos:


1. Getting started links for Windows Azure:

2. Windows Azure AppFabric SDK 1.0: (for production AppFabric)

3. Windows Azure AppFabric SDK 2.0: (for the CTP bits: queues, topics, etc.)

4. More training on Windows Azure: (10 day free trial– totally worth it, but I am an instructor there too;) )

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