I’m such a friggin idiot—Day of Mobile has that Jay Freeman!

I’m hosting a conference in Chicago called Day of Mobile. At the end of the day, we are having a big time keynote from Jay Freeman. These days, he’s a rock star in the iPhone universe. For some reason, and I’m a complete moron for not realizing this until a few minutes ago, he is the same guy who brought the .NET world this little tool: Anakrino. If you are scratching your head and wondering why that would impress me, it’s because I’m getting older and I’ve used every .NET tool in the world. Anakrino was a mainstay at Microsoft to decompile .NET assemblies to read in C# and VB.NET. It was easier to use than grabbing the source code.

So, in the last few minutes, I’ve gone from realizing that we had a really awesome iPhone ninja speaking at the conference to realizing that we had one of those legendary brainiac developers at the conference. And, while I didn’t want to pimp the conference to my usual .NET readers, I now feel I should because he’s such a part of all of our everyday lives as .NET developers. I mean, the guy who single handedly wrote Anakrino. Holy friggin’ crap!

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