Back at Work

Friends and folks in the .NET community learned that I got hit pretty hard by the flu last week. I was hospitalized for 3 days while they made sure I didn’t break any other internal systems. I just wanted to let folks know that I’m back at work. The rest of the family has been hit by the flu as well, though not as hard as me (thank goodness!). I appreciated all the offers of help from folks around me.

Other questions: was this H1N1? I don’t know, but I did get the vaccine cocktail for everything but H1N1. You do the math-it was either H1N1 or something that I just couldn’t handle.

Why was I hospitalized? I was losing fluids for 12 hours straight. That scared me and I went to the doctor. He thought it might be appendicitis. I went to the hospital and they ruled out appendicitis and a few other diseases. I was held mostly because of the severe loss of fluids to make sure it was only the flu.

Again, thanks to everyone who offered help. It is appreciated!

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